V3 Vigour Map
V3 Vigour Map
V3 Vigour Map

V3 Vigour Map

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An analysis of your vine assets to highlight variations of vine vigour and leaf density. V3 Vigour Maps are based on a Plant Cell Density Index (NIR 780nm / Red 675nm) for vine canopy only, all inter-row material and features are excluded. This data is then interpolated to form a surface layer to aid in zone creation.


Applications and uses

  • Identify inter and intra-field variations of vine vigour
  • Define zones of homogeneous vine status and fruit quality
  • Locations for field sampling
  • Differential and selective harvesting plans
  • Information to aid in the development of modular nutrition and irrigation strategies
  • Identifying zones affected by pest or disease
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of vine management practices

Technical details

  • Spatial resolution: 50cm ground pixel resolution 
  • Spatial accuracy: +/- 2m
  • Vegetation index PCD = NIR (780nm) / Red (675nm)


 V3 Vigour Vine and Surface: to print
 V3 Vigour Vine and Surface: image data
 Link to view in V3 online map viewer

      Note: For the pdf prints, your V3 Vigour data will be overlaid on your V3 Overview map, where ordered for the same property (as per the second image example).