V3 Overview Map
V3 Overview Map
V3 Overview Map

V3 Overview Map

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A comprehensive true colour aerial overview of your vineyard and it's assets. This product provides a highly detailed and accurate base layer for your vineyard management applications.


Applications and uses

  • Base layer for GIS or vineyard management software
  • Guiding technical teams and equipment
  • Strategic planning of vineyard works
  • Monitoring changes over time
  • Visual interpretation of patterns in soil type and plant vigour 
  • Communications, prints and presentations 

Technical details

  • Spatial resolution: 50cm ground pixel resolution 
  • Spatial accuracy: +/- 2m
  • Spectral bands:
    • Red (675nm)
    • Green (550nm)
    • Blue (450nm)


 V3 Overview: ready to print format
 V3 Overview: image data format
 Link to view in V3 online map viewer