How to order


Detailed instructions

See if you have been covered in our acquisition programme 

Find your property

  • Pan the map with the mouse and zoom with the mouse wheel, or
  • Click the 'Show me where I am' icon and allowing the computer to use your location

Order a V3 Overview Map of your property

  • Draw the boundary of your property using the 'Draw a polygon' tool, located at the top left of the map window, or
  • Load a load a local file such as a Google Earth kml file containing your property boundary
  • Edit the polygon boundaries as required with the edit tool and give it a name
  • Select 'Overview' in the panel on the right and you will see the Total Cost displayed
  • Update the cart with your order

Order a V3 Vigour Map of your vine fields

  • Repeat the above directions, to draw or upload boundaries. This time do so for the boundaries of your vine fields
  • Select 'Vigour' in the panel on the right and you will see the Total Cost of both products displayed
  • Update the cart with your order

Happy with your order in your cart?

  • Proceed to the payment gateway to enter your details and payment method
  • View pricing and payment details here

As soon as we have received a confirmation of your order we will commence to process your data. You can expect up to three working days for delivery.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues ordering, or for a status check on your order.